From full timberframe homes to decorative timber accents, Insane Timberframe provides high quality craftsmanship and traditional design techniques to create unique and beautiful timber frame structures.

Insane Timberframe is based in Carstairs, Alberta, Canada and has been producing quality timber frame construction for over 10 years. Using traditional construction techniques, every timber is measured and cut by hand. To ensure quality and a perfect fit, the team installs all of their own timberwork.

Their hands on experience and knowledge ensures that every job is crafted to perfection.

The Design

At Insane Timberframe we design and produce drawings for all of our projects. This gives the customer an opportunity to see what their completed timber frame will look like.

We can create timber structures including screened porches, decks, and pergolas. We also design and build accents such as trusses or ceiling beams as well as full frames such as houses, gazebos and cabins.

Insane Timberframe uses Dietrich’s 3D Cad/Cam Woodworking program to create both customer and shop drawings.

The Process

Once a design has been decided upon, the plans are drawn up, measurements are taken and a timber list is created. The timbers used are primarily high grade Douglas Fir. When a timber is ordered, they are cut to size, the wood is then kiln dried and shipped to the teams workshop.

Each timber is then measured, cut by hand and fitted at the shop. After sanding and staining, the timbers are taken to the job site for installation by the team.

The end result of each installation is an exceptional timber frame design that will more than pass the test of time. The solid construction and beauty of timber work never goes out of style.